Urban Displacement + Anti Displacement Practice

Impact Map Example

Concept Maps

Task: Create a pair of concept maps, one summarizing key drivers, mediating conditions, and effects of displacement and the other summarizing Sweet Water Foundation’s anti-displacement practice. Compose a reader’s guide (100-200 words) to accompany the concept map.
Impact Map Example

Design Impact Maps

Task: Applying lessons and takeaways from Exercise 1, analyze the Sweet Water Foundation’s practice of Regenerative Neighborhood Development alongside prevailing approaches to “equitable development” in Chicago (i.e. Invest South/West- Englewood Connect) and creative placemaking (i.e. Arts Bank, Color(ed) Theory, Boxville). Create “design impact” maps, considering both designed and non-designed effects as well as tensions and tradeoffs for these initiatives. Compose a reader’s guide (100-200 words) to accompany the maps.