For the final project, students worked with Media Maker Interns at Castle Square Tenants Organization to create area maps and base maps of seven Chinatown open spaces, conduct a series of site observations at the open spaces, and map/record their usage patterns. They then created visual summaries of their joint analysis and findings.

Download Observing Open Spaces in Boston Chinatown

One Greenway Park

Team: Graham Moitoso + Remi Messier + Ethan Matthews + Renata Palau

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Chin Park

Team: Betsy Schwefler & Remi Messier with Ananda Scott & Marialuisa Castillo Arias

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Reggie Wong Memorial Park

Team: Ethan Matthews & Renata Palau with Allen Chen & Justine Palmer

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Tai Tung Village Playground & Park

Team: Camille Wimpe & Cynthia Cheng with Frankie Gomez & Kevin Morisset

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Mary Soo Hoo Park

Team: Kelly McInnis & Nicole Roach with Amara Hurd & Ellen Lin

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Eliot Norton Park

Team: Kaelin O’Connell & Hans-Nikolas Romano with Cesar Aguilar & Hannah Li

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Philips Square

Team: Abigael Peckham & Anais Marston with Macki Mei & Trey Clark

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